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ScamBook.comThis new service comes along aiming to put an end to the deeds of scammers and all other kinds of unscrupulous people out there. In essence, is a site where people who have been had can report what has just happened to them, so that everybody knows about those who are up to no good. Five main types of scams are reportable through the site: false advertisings, bait & switch maneuvers, mobile (and social) scams, defective product scams, and unauthorized credit card charges. If you are unfortunate enough to have been the victim of any of these, then you can head to the site and post it for all to see.


Note that whatever you post on the site is going to stay as an unverified claim until conclusive evidence is gathered. When that happens, what you have posted will become a verified claim, and not only will people know that the person you reported is indeed a crook, but you will get a chance to begin fighting to get your money back. In Their Own Words

Fighting scams, complaints, fraud class action lawsuits.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let people who have scammed alert everybody else about those who are on the fiddle, and also start fighting to get their money back.

Some Questions About

What about other types of scams? Can they be reported on this site, too?


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