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ReturnToMind.comThis is the one site you should try if you feel like going through all the different stages of your life once again. On Return To Mind, people can recount these things that they liked and/or did all the way back to 1950.

The main page of the site includes a section for each decade from 1950 to the present date, and you can see what people have already liked by merely visiting the one decade that means something to you, either because you have lived it through or because it is a decade you are attached to for specific reasons. For example, if you love punk music you are bound to check the 70s. And if you like rock & roll, then you are heading straight to the 50s.

And once you have picked a decade, you will be allowed not just to see what others have favorited (and share your own picks with the rest) but also to comment on each and every item that is featured. People will also be able to comment on what you are sharing, of course. And that is where the fun will truly begin. In Their Own Words

Return to mind.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site makes it very easy for people to relive their memories, and let others become part of their recollections.

Some Questions About

Which decades are bound to attract the biggest number of submissions? Why?