– Save On Your Energy Bills

Rethinkrelite.comThe emergence of sites such as this one is something that feels almost preordained in the aftermath of a financial crisis like the one that hit us recently, and whose consequences are far from over. Think Lite is a startup which aims to let people save money when it comes to paying their lighting bills.

The services provided by the company are claimed to let you reduce the amount that you pay at the end of the month by as much as 80 % .

In general, we could say that the company does that by helping their clients go green on a grand scale. Lighting expenses are reduced dramatically by repositioning light sources in any building, and the company has developed its own 3D application to figure how to do so without having a negative aesthetic effect on the building itself. Besides, a proprietary lighting calculator looks at past and current electric bills in order to determine how much is being spent, and why.

These services are provided both for residential and commercial users, and in addition to letting its clients optimize their homes/offices the company also provides them with its own mercury safe lighting products. Think Lite actually recycles light bulbs, so that every possible effort is made to make a positive contribution to the environment. In Their Own Words

“We reduce your monthly lighting bills by up to 80% at no out-of-pocket costs.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Anything that lets people (and companies) save money is destined to do well in today’s turbulent financial climate.

Some Questions About

How widespread can these services really become?