– Where Reputations Are Evaluated

Reper.comReper is a newly-launched website that aims to become the one stop on the World Wide Web for every person wanting to learn how reputable others really are. In theory, the site will comprise a huge database of reputations that will be submitted solely by users, and these can then be rated, commented and tracked by others.

That will go some way into ensuring that any featured reputation is actually a good indicator of what a person is all about.

Launching a search on the site is free, and it can be done by just anybody. There is no need to be a registered user in order to merely look information up. Conversely, if you want to write reviews or comment on what others have posted you will have to sign up for an account first. But the process is free, and quite straightforward.

In any case, it must be pointed out that you don’t have to disclose who you are when commenting if you don’t want to – full anonymity is accounted for if you need it. In Their Own Words

“Track people’s reputation, write reviews, comment on other people’s reviews, post anonymously.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It’s like Yelp, but only for people.

Some Questions About

What would it take for the site to be as successful as it programmers hope it will be?