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We can say that aims at two markets at the same time. One of them is formed by traditional news media, blogs, or independent journalists which will pay to get some recorded images about a news event while it happens. Photographs can be part of the deal too.

The other market is formed, obviously, by people who are willing to use their smart phone to record on video or take photographs of those events.

Traditional journalism is being put to the test everyday now due to technological development, which allows anyone to have the means which not long ago where only at hand to professionals in that field. Blogs, digital cameras and of course mobile devices are examples of this. takes advantage of this sign of the times, and offers the chance to put together those who can register the events at the very moment in which they happen and those who will want to broadcast them.

Users can register and receive alerts when somebody or some company is offering a price for images of something that is happening. When they see it, they just need to launch the app and start filming. A few words describing the event may be typed and submitted together with the video instantly, with the corresponding credit of your name included in the image. But don’t wait for alerts if you subscribe. You can register what you see around worth showing, and submit it to Rawporter too. If somebody buys it you will also receive the money. In Their Own Words

An army of cameras on-location and on-demand.

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Author : Charly Zaks

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