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The Internet makes it easy to find doctors and dentists, but before you decide to put your health into the hands of anybody you should check a site like first .As its name says, this is a website where you can read ratings and reviews for doctors. It covers the US from coast to coast, and the reviews and comments that you can read on its pages have been submitted by people like you and me. The site (which was actually started in 2004) has already got over a million doctor reviews that you can read for free.


The RateMDS database can be browsed by last name, specialty and ZIP code. And when you’re looking a doctor up, then you can also specify his sex. Useful for the ones who are named “Smith” or “Jones “- anything that lets you have them filtered quicker is more than welcome.

And if you want, it’s possible to narrow results to just these doctors that are accepting new patients.

The site is rounded by a “Top 10” category where you can see the best-rated doctors on the same page, and a list of American hospitals. All in all, is the perfect platform for those who take their healthcare as seriously as it should be taken, and who want to double-check everything before making any kind of decision.


Author : Mery Fisher

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