Qubrit.com – Revitalizing The Concept Of Business Cards

Qubrit.comYou know how it goes – you make a new contact at an expo or a tech show, he gives you his card with a wide smile on his face, and when you phone him two months later then he has either changed his number or moved on. It always happens like that, and you end up storing pieces of cardboard that are mostly obsolete before a couple of months are over.

That is the one inherent disadvantage that anything which is printed has got. And that is exactly what Qubrit sets out to tackle.

This service (which is currently in version 2.0) stands as a social network where you can exchange virtual business cards with everybody. The concept that lies at the heart of Qubrit is that each user centralizes all of his information and makes it instantly accessible to every other person who is also a part of the network.

Whenever you exchange your own virtual card with others, you are given the chance to choose exactly who will see the information that is contained therein. The recently-implemented Smartlabels system goes into ensuring full privacy, as the user actually gives permissions to other to view only these parts of his private info which he feels that he can share.

In this way, true smartcards are created and you (as the one sharing the information) are guaranteed that your privacy will be protected at all times. That is quite a novel feature, and one which gives Qubrit a clear advantage over competitors such as Plaxo.

Qubrit.com In Their Own Words

“Qubrit is a revolutionary approach to exchanging and keeping business cards and management of your professional contacts.”

Why Qubrit.com It Might Be A Killer

The concept of smartcards alone makes it a winner – there’s nothing like it anywhere else.

Some Questions About Qubrit.com

In which ways will this service be expanded now? Qubrit.com