Poptent.net – Crowdsourcing Video Platform

Poptent.netDo you enjoy making films? Would you like to make money by filming short videos? Poptent.net is a community of filmmakers committed to promote its users work. In that way they can make money producing commercials and advertising videos. Keep this site in mind in case you want to start making money just by doing what you like.

Poptent lets you show off your work to other users and visitors, build a portfolio, and collaborate with other filmmakers. Apart form that, you will find several features you can use to edit your videos. If you join Poptent.net you can upload your videos and be considered by different companies for their advertising campaigns.

Are you interested in finding a job as a filmmaker? Do you want to make money by filming videos? If that is so, feel free to stop by Poptent.net and join this community to show your work and receive job offers.

Poptent.net In Their Own Words

“Connect to brands looking for talent. Share with your creative peers. Show off your portfolio in all it’s HD glory. Manage projects. Take your career to the next level.”

Why Poptent.net It Might Be A Killer

It provides fresh talent with the resources for making it big time.

Some Questions About Poptent.net

What about the copyright of files? Is this safe? Poptent.net