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PlaySpan.comHeadquartered in Silicon Valley, PlaySpan is a virtual goods marketplace that provides game publishers and developers with a new source of revenue, and with a chance to expand and consolidate their existing user bases.


As it is fit, the site subdivides itself in sections which are geared towards gamers and publishers, and the payment solutions are concisely described online.

Basically, payments are handled using the PayByCash platform – a platform that was established approximately 10 years ago, and which supports more than 70 different payment methods across 200 territories spanning the globe. Moreover, a pre-paid card is available and it goes by the apt name of the “Ultimate Game Card”. So far, this prepaid card is supported only in the US, but worldwide support is being worked upon right now.

All in all, PlaySpan is a platform that adheres to the aim which is expressed on the site: bringing the power of commerce and Web 2.0 technology to the gaming experience. Pay the site a visit if you intend to take your gaming experience further afield. In Their Own Words

“PlaySpan is a revolutionary platform that brings the power of commerce and Web 2.0 technology to the gaming experience.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Gamers everywhere will appreciate the services on offer, while companies and publishers will benefit from the added exposure.

Some Questions About

When will the Ultimate Game Card be supported worldwide?


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