Picaphone.com – A New Approach To Business Information

Picaphone.comPicaphone aims to become the one-stop resource for people looking for business information on the World Wide Web. The site contains reviews and recommendations that come from people like you and me.

And the approach that the company is using in order to get people interested enough to collaborate is quite interesting, as a game called Ownit has been created.

The basic premise of this game is that people from all over the world are sharing their favorite businesses, and the more collected ones are those that get reviewed and promoted the most. People add them to their own phonebooks, more users write reviews about them, and each single action will make the value of the business grow. When that value has reached a certain point, Picaphone is going to contact the real owner of the business and offer to buy his business card for the amount it has reached by that point.

In a certain sense, it’s all very similar to a game like Monopoly in which every user who “steps” in the square of a business increases its actual value. And to ensure a fair game, each user will be capable of sharing only up to 10 businesses per day.

Picaphone.com In Their Own Words

“Any Business, Anywhere! Rate. Review. Recommend.”

Why Picaphone.com It Might Be A Killer

It’s a novel way for businesses to promote what they do, and the fact that the website is available in 12 different languages means that foreign visitors will have ready access and understanding to businesses the world over.

Some Questions About Picaphone.com

In which other ways does the game resemble Monopoly? Picaphone.com