– Promoting Brands Via Photo Contests

PhotoScramble.comPhotoScramble is a website that allows individuals, companies and organizations of every nature to host photo contests in order to promote themselves.

By creating an account, the individual or company will be able to build an entirely customizable contest.

All the parameters of the contest (including its actual duration) can be set down at will, and once the content has been put together then it is a mere question of pasting it on the site for visitors and customers to start casting their votes.

As far as consumers go, this site works on two levels: they are learning more about companies they might not even hear of otherwise, and they are competing for cool prizes.

There are currently three different package levels: Basic, Pro and Corporate. They differ mainly in the kind of branding that is supported. And for a limited time only, you will be capable of hosting a contest for free. To take advantage of this special offer, just pay the site a visit right now. In Their Own Words

“PhotoScramble’s online software enables companies, organizations, associations, non-profits and individuals to craft and create exciting photo contests. Hosting is easy. Sign up for an account, establish the parameters of your contest via the software and place on your website. Entering as a contestant is fun. Simple steps allows any contestant to enter their photos and pursue their dreams of winning prizes or bragging rights. PhotoScramble contents are customizable.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a great way to raise brand awareness and interact affably with customers.

Some Questions About

What is the maximum duration that a contest can have?