– Move Over American Idol

Phone-Idol.comThis is quite bizarre, and I must admit that I like it all the more for that. Let’s see… this is a bit like American Idol (IE, a show in which contestants have to sing and the one who gets the most points wins), with one important exception: you do never get to see the faces of the contestants.

That is because everything is handled via the phone. That’s right, those who take part of this specific competition do so over the telephone (hence its name). They dial up and sing a song – the one that they feel they can do best. From that point onwards, the song becomes listenable by any person who stumbles upon the website. If the person likes it, he can proceed to vote it up. The idea, obviously, is that the one contestant that gets the most votes will become the “American Phone Idol”.

As a big lover of music, I frankly found this quite funny. But at the same time, I think we all agree that this is an interesting experiment as far as connecting the Internet and telephones go. Who knows, it might even be setting the scene for something bigger (and better) to come. In Their Own Words

“It’s simple. Just dial (718) 775-3384 and sing your heart out. Then, America votes and the best singer becomes the Phone Idol!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It offers everybody a chance to have some good-natured fun, while it also lays the groundwork for some bigger web telephony developments.

Some Questions About

What is the winner of the contest getting?