– All About Your Backlinks

OpenSiteExplorer.orgThis is one for all the webmasters out there who just can’t have enough tools for analyzing the performance of their sites. In actuality, that is the way any self-respecting webmaster is defined: the one who has a site and doesn’t look actively for new tools to measure its outreach is not really serious about the whole venture.

Well, those who are will be able to use Open Site Explorer to check the popularity of their links, and also to analyze their every backlink. Using this service is as simple as entering a URL in order to have a wide range of link metrics displayed along with information such as the authority of both the domain and the page. But it is the information on links that will be truly useful.

You will get to see the total number of linking pages and domains, and you will be able to filter results in a plethora of ways. And note that both followed and nofollowed links are taken into account with 301’ng pages – the information will be as comprehensive as it could get, then. In Their Own Words

“Link popularity & backlink analysis tool.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let webmasters new and old have an impeccable understanding of the way their sites stand in relation to their competitors’.

Some Questions About

In how many ways can you have the results displayed?