– Illinois Nurse Aide Testing

If you live in Illinois, you can learn everything about the Nurse Assistant/Aide Competency exam you need to approve to work in local certified nursing facilities on You can realize what’s basically tested, when and where the exam is administered, and (once you’ve taken the exam) check whether you have approved it or not. All that information is made readily available on this website.

You can also generate a sample test, and see for yourself how everything is arranged and structured. You can actually determine the length of this sample test yourself, as you’re given the chance to choose how many question you want it to have. Between 10 and 85 questions are allowed, so that if you have never taken the Illinois Nurse Assistant/Aide Competency Examination you’ll know exactly what to expect.

In fact, the site even lets you watch performance skills videos online. These are actually taken from a DVD (“The llinois Nurse Aide Training Skill Evaluation DVD“) which was developed by the Illinois Department of Public Health, the Southern Illinois University Nurse Aide Testing Project, and the John A. Logan College CNA Training Program. From how to wash hands and perform oral hygiene to how to shave a resident and give him a full tub bath, this DVD shows you how to get everything done perfectly right.