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MybOoO.comMybOoO is a single access for all your Internet applications: mail, chat, RSS reader, calendar sharing, office pack online and more, share applications of which innovates (i.e.

ftp exportable link) and a single password for all applications and web services (YouTube, LinkedIn, Viadeo, Asmallworld, Twitter) on a single, personal page that is completely customizable on the Internet. MybOoO is for a nomad target: commercial, expatriates, students, business man but also of SME which wish to integrate a functional and communicating system to their company. The service is currently available in privative access on invitation; it offers 1GB free storage and 500 MB of email. MybOoO will be in a public access during 1st quarter of 2008, offering various packages of storage and functionalities. In Their Own Words

“Need a document, learn the latest news, check mails and access your own group list? All you need is a computer with a connection and your all is possible, this is MyBooo’s vision.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The Log & Access MybOoO platform foresees what could be the next Internet solution: security, mobile, ubiquitous and communicating.

Some Questions About

How many other sites are competing for the same pool of people?