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MathChimp.comDon’t wait for your little ones to have trouble with math, do something to have their skills shaped up well before they become afraid of the whole subject. Make them play any of the games which are featured on this site, and have your kids start understanding numbers and all the basic operations. This site features enough colorful titles to make them want to keep coming back a second, a third, a fourth time, and hone their math skills without them even knowing.


All of the featured games are organized by grade, and they’re also rated by those who’ve already played them. Finding the right ones for your children is done in minutes, even when the site brings together more than 100 different games. And if you and your kids begin using this site frequently, you’ll always know which have been the latest additions to the database since the main page has got a “Newest Games!” section.

And if you want to know more about how games and children connect, you can always give the provided blog a look. It’s got posts that will be interesting not only to parents, but also to teachers who want to learn the best ways in which to bring technology into the classroom. In Their Own Words

Welcome to Math Chimp! We collect free online math games and organize them by the common core standards. We’re glad you’ve come to play cool math games here… they’re free and always will be!

Some Questions About

Who has created all these games? Is the site open to submissions by young programmers trying to make a name for themselves?


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