– See The Latest News On A Map“Who would choose to flick through a newspaper in order to remain informed when a service such as this one is available?”. I am sure that is the first thing that will go through the heads of many when first trying out a service like Mapeas.

In essence, this website features a world map in which the latest news are displayed. These take the shape of markers over the corresponding countries, and a mere click is going to take you to the full story.

When visualizing this map, bear in mind that the newest items are the ones that have the biggest markers. The smaller the marker, then the older the story itself is. And if you are keen on an specific area (EG, ”Entertainment”, “Business”, “Science”…) note that you can always toggle only these markers on.

Mapeas works in conjunction with ClipSyndicate – that is why it can always present its visitors with the most recent news as featured on publishers such as Fox, the NBC, the ABC and the Associated Press. In Their Own Words

“Here at Mapeas we are placing world news on world map.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

A site such as this one turns being informed into a far more contextualized experience.

Some Questions About

How is the site going to evolve beyond this point?