– Create Phrases For People To Like

LikeyFace.comThe LikeyFace website can be considered a direct development of Facebook’s incorporation of the “Like” button, something that has already become an integral part of the way in which people relate to interesting content that they found on the Internet.

Essentially, on the LikeyFace website you will be given the chance to create a phrase that others can proceed to like.

You are creating phrases along the lines of “Like this if you think the Red Sox are the best team in the history of the universe” or “Like this if you think that Taylor Swift should have never recorded a version of Tom Petty’s ‘American Girl’”. You can then have that phrase published on the LikeyFace site for everybody to see, and either like it or ignore it.

The site features the best (or most popular at least) phrases on the section that is named “Trending Pages”, and you can always visualize the full “Likestream” by clicking on the corresponding link.

A fun site and little else. If some kind of (intelligent) integration with social services were provided, now, it could have a slight chance of going somewhere. In Their Own Words

“Like It! Share it!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an alternative to the way people generate likable content on the Internet. It is a bit insular, but it is an alternative nonetheless.

Some Questions About

How will this site evolve? Is that going to happen?