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LifePulp.comLife Pulp is a site focused on providing people with just one thing: inspiration. On Life Pulp, quotes by luminaries from all ages are collected and featured for all the people who need some illumination and encouragement to go through them.

The site actually thrives on the participation and collaboration of users – Life Pulp is a true community resource. People not only read, comment and rate the quotes that are featured, they also get a chance to submit quotes themselves. In this way, it is very easy for a group of people to focus on a specific topic and cover it from all angles by supplying all the best quotes on it that they can find.

If this sounds like a community you would enjoy joining and becoming actively involved with, then just head to the site right now. Membership is inexpensive, and you can have your very own account created by merely furnishing some basic information, and picking a password to go with your email address. In Their Own Words

Our mission is simple, put together a social based website that enriches the user mentally via a great deal of motivational and inspirational content. In turn building a community of like minded, goal driven people who share what drives, motivates and inspires them to chase their dreams.

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As far as ways for getting inspired go, this is as straightforward as it gets.

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