– Find What Licenses You Need For Your Business

When launching your company after months of struggles, the last thing you need is to be hit by a fine so big you could drive a truck through it because you forgot to pay a license. And such a thing happens more often than you could even imagine, believe me. That’s the kind of information you can’t find quickly, and without paying a lot of money. It’s too easy to overlook a license or a permit, and the consequences are always catastrophic. But License123 is here to remedy that.


Simple and clear, what License123 does is to let you know what licenses you need to open a business in your city. In order to get this information, you just have to pick the State and the city you’re in from a menu, and choose both the industry and business type that apply. License123 will tell you exactly what you need, and save you hours of research.

And what’s even better, it will give you the exact forms, fees, filing information and contact numbers you need to obtain your licenses. So, you’ll get much more than a list of these licenses you must make a point of getting. You’ll be told what to actually do to get everything dealt with.


Just think for a second about the impact a service like License123 could really have. On the one hand, it makes it easier for entrepreneurs to get critical information and come into regulatory compliance. And on the other hand, it helps cities, counties and States increase their revenues by making everything run legally.

Besides, there’s some really exciting features coming up next. These are going to include a renewal service for keeping up with your licenses down the road, and a filing service that would help you complete your paperwork and file your application much faster. And new business types are added all the time, too.

This new startup is presented by, a company that has served the small business community ever since it was created in 2007. On Docstoc, you can find all the documents that are needed to grow and manage a company, and get them either for free or at a cost. The release of a service like License123 makes perfect sense, and it keeps in with the company’s mission of giving young talent in America access to all the resources they could need to manage their professional lives and small businesses better.