– Create A Profile & Be Found By Employers is defined by its creators as an open database of professionals and skills. They claim they have built this site to let employers find candidates with the right personalities and abilities, in a direct and foolproof way.

This site shifts the focus from the resumes that to most of us are the cornerstone of any hiring process to brief (and catchy) professional summaries, written by the jobseekers themselves. They also include a short pitch in order to let prospective employers gauge their personalities much better.

All that information can be accessed on the personalized profile that is created for any person who signs up for Obviously, any profile comes with its own unique URL for sharing purposes. And the owner of the profile itself can access some basic (yet entirely practical) analytics, and learn who has visited his page more recently.

Profiles are created for free, and they are likewise browseable at no cost. has clearly been built with bootstrapped companies that are looking for young talent in mind. They are sure to appreciate having such a service available.

Why It Might Be A Killer

I like the way it redefines the hiring process. The site emphasises personality and character over other career information that (ultimately) tells you nothing about the suitability of a person for a position.

Some Questions About

Which companies are already hiring through this site?