Kspaycenter.com – Kansas Payment Center

Supervised by the Kansas Department of Social & Rehabilitation Services and the Kansas Office of Judicial Administration, the Kansas Payment Center is found at KSPayCenter.com. It includes resources both for those who have to make payments, and for the ones who receive them. If you have to pay support, you can easily do it on this website – it’s a matter of filling a short form, and authorizing the transaction. And if you’re the one who’s receiving the payment, then KSPayCenter.com will let you know when the money has been deposited so that you can withdraw it.

Specifically, the site offers lots of services to people who have a NOW debit card. If you do, then on KSPayCenter.com you’ll be able to know when a deposit has been made by following this link. And free automatic alerts are available, too. You can get them via email, SMS and voice mail, and you will never be charged anything for these services.

In any case, payments that are made and received through this site are minutely recorded. And KSPayCenter.com shows you how to interpret these records later, and also how to print them.

And the site’s bilingual, too. All the forms that you can get on the Kansas Payment Center website are available both in English and in Spanish.