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iTaggit is a free service that aims to help you manage all your valuable possessions. has been created to let you organize and research just everything you own. By signing up for an account, you’ll be able to input your every item into a personalized database. And then, use that as a way to appraise all your belongings, to do some estate-planning, or to sell them more easily to interested buyers.


Or just to make some new friends. is also a site for collectors who simply want to share these items that are their pride and joy with the world.

How you’ll use the site’s completely up to you. You can choose to keep your items private, or share them with just everybody. And if you do share them, you’ll get the helpful advice of experts who are also members of the site.

If you have antiques, art, comics, classic cars, first edition books, jewelry or other items of historical value, you could use iTaggit to store information, get appraisals and connect with collectors who may be interested in buying your goods.

You can organize your items into “collections” so that you can easily keep track of what you have, what years and values are for which object, and important information such as where and when you acquired them. You can also shop for collectibles directly on And if another member has a similar item as one of yours, you can even clone their information for easy data entry in your catalogue.


Author : Bruce Turner

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