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IQNOMY.comIQNOMY is self-defined as a solution that basically enables websites to adapt themselves to visitors, offering every single person who lands on them something akin to a tailor-made experience.

By using IQNOMY, any webmaster will be able to open a 1-on-1 communication channel with visitors, and offer them the very same information that he is after. This is accomplished by putting together a multidimensional profile that (to all intent and purposes) creates a user-centric paradigm in which content stops having a fixed position.

It is easy to agree with the philosophy behind this site: customers are always looking for the right experience at the right time. If a site does not offer them what they want right when they want it, then they will move on. A system like IQNOMY has got all it takes for hooking those who come across your site, and make them stay that little bit longer – a little bit that can make the difference when it comes to winning a new customer over, in the end. In Their Own Words

IQNOMY is an S.a.a.S. (Software as a Service) solution which enables any website to adapt itself to each individual visitor in next to no time.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It lets any webmaster connect with visitors in a far more meaningful way.

Some Questions About

How widespread can this become? What might accelerate its progress?