– Buy Dr. Charles Stanley’s Sermons

In Touch Ministries is a bible teaching radio program that began broadcasting in 1982 by Dr. Charles F. Stanley, a Senior Pastor of the Fist Baptist Church of Atlanta. The ministries website is found at, and there you can listen to Dr. Stanley’s programs from anywhere in the world. And on this site, you can also buy the CDs, DVDs, books and pamphlets that are produced by the Ministries.

These are Christian resources that cater for just everybody. If you work as a teacher, these are sure to let you give your students a true understanding of the significance of God’s message. And if you’re an individual who wants to lead a more realized life, then these books, CDs and DVDs will give you a definitive sense of purpose. And so will the Ministries’ devotional magazine, “In Touch”. That is published monthly, and you can easily subscribe to it on, too – just follow this link.

And for those of you who want to become In Touch ambassadors and help spread the word of God, this page lists the steps that should be taken to get started. You’ll learn everything about these permissions you need to get, and the way in which speaking engagements should be handled. Currently, the program is available to people who live in the continental US only.