– Daily Dates Instead Of Daily Deals

InboxCupid.comIt is not that this site will come across as a paragon of usefulness, but if there is something you have to concede is that it is really novel. As the title of the review puts it, Inbox Cupid is a daily deals site where instead of getting deals you are presented with people to date.

People who use Inbox Cupid submit all their basic profile information just once, answer five basic questions and specify what it is they are looking for (IE, male looking for female). Once they have done that, they will start receiving potential matches in their inboxes (IE, people who are looking for the very same things they are looking for, and who live in the very same city). From there, it is a mere question of messaging those who look appealing.

Each connection will cost users $ 1, but other than that there is nothing to be paid for signing up for an account and begin using the site to look up for romance. In Their Own Words

A new shot at love in your city every day.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an interesting spin on the daily deals concept, and one that might as well be setting the scene for further developments in the area.

Some Questions About

Will people be willing to pay for such a service when there are dating sites that are free?