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IDrankThis.comA site which is powered by Twitter, I Drank This will let you create and keep notes detailing every drink that you have had the pleasure/misfortune of tasting. In this way, you can share your perceptions with the world, and also go over all the drinks that you have sampled in the past yourself This includes not only wine and cocktails but also all varieties of beer that you could think of.

Broadly speaking, the site works along the following lines. First, you take a picture of the drink that you are going to write about. Once you have done so, you simply send a tweet using #idrankthis where you describe the drink in question. You also attach the picture that you had taken in the previous step. Your tasting notes will then be published on the I Drank This website for all to see and heed.

And if you review anything and change your mind later on, then you will be able to edit your original text. That’s not a problem at all – simply login with your Twitter handle to be able to do it. In Their Own Words

“Tasting notes for wine, beer, cocktails.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those who deem themselves as connoisseurs when it comes to beer, wine and spirits will have a chance to show everybody what they are worth here.

Some Questions About

In addition to letting you review drinks, shouldn’t the site let you rate them?