Icotrip.com – Icons For Projects

Icotrip.comIcotrip is a very neat site, but you are only going to get something out of it if you happen to be a designer. You see, on this website you will find a collection of black and white icons that you can use on any project that you have to see through. These are all very striking, and very imaginative. And the collection grows daily – that is the basic premise of this site. Offering people a new icon day by day.

This makes the site one to follow through RSS – you will get to see the icon of the day on your reader, and decide whether it is something you could put to a use right away. And if you do decide that icon is something suitable for these projects you are toiling at, then you can download it instantly. All of the featured icons are in PNG format, and they come in the same resolution. You will always know what you are getting here.

Icotrip.com In Their Own Words

Every day a new Icotrip!

Why Icotrip.com It Might Be A Killer

Designers who are looking for inspiration will find plenty of that on Icotrip.

Some Questions About Icotrip.com

Which other uses could these icons be put to? Icotrip.com