– Turning Forums Into Communities

Huddler.comHuddler is a white-label solution that can be used to turn any forum into a fully-fledged community. By using Huddler, all the data that has already been exchanged by users can proceed to be migrated and then fortified by features such as reviews, wikis and an enhanced search tool.

Also, the aesthetics of the forum itself are completely overhauled.

In that sense, it can be said that Huddler gives sites a complete facelift that is accompanied by a minute rearrangement of content, making it more findable, more readable and (as a direct result) more monetizable.

If you think about it, the number of people who are currently interacting through forums is nothing short of colossal. It couldn’t be otherwise – forums have been there for years and years. Many people got their first samplings of online interaction through them. And they have actually stuck to them, even when other platforms have become available. Huddler offers webmasters the best opportunity ever to capitalize on these enormous databases. And users have nothing to complain about – they will become capable of interacting one with each other in ways that weren’t previously possible. In Their Own Words

“Huddler is the next step in the evolution of online communities. As a fully-supported SaaS platform, Huddler works with existing online discussion forum sites to integrate product reviews, wiki articles, image galleries, and blogs to help increase community engagement and create a unified platform that’s better for users and more attractive to advertisers.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is one of the best solutions that have yet been devised to take an existing forum, and make it stand as a more up-to-date resource in terms of the interactions that can be established through it.

Some Questions About

Are really all kind of forums upgradeable like this?