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HonestDiscounts.comHonest Discounts is a young startup offering Americans a free discount prescription card program. Basically, people who sign up for this card will be able to save between 10 to 60 % both on brand name and generic prescription medications that are not actually covered by their health insurers.

The card program itself is not limited to individuals of any age or gender, and there is no overly-complicated process of any kind at play. As a matter of fact, you simply provide the most elemental particulars of all on the site (name, age, address, city, State) and then proceed to print the card that will be customized for you. There is no qualification process at all.

This card never expires, and you can use it for your entire family. As a matter of fact, you can even share it with friends, co-workers and employees. Anyone in any part of the United States can be benefited by such a card, and that includes people who currently have no health coverage. At a time in which the health debate is still raging, it is very interesting to see the launch of initiatives like this one.

HonestDiscounts.com In Their Own Words

“Since 2008, the healthcare debate has raged feverishly throughout the United States. The interests of each side have been loudly voiced and strongly heard. Instead of venting about the problems from each end, we at HonestD created a solution. Our answer is the HonestD Prescription Card Program, which allows anyone to save 10 – 65% on all generic or brand name prescriptions not covered by their health insurance. The card is accepted at over 60,000 pharmacies across the country. Our new platform integrates partnerships with non-profits, communities, and small businesses, allowing everyone to join in on the effort to provide affordable healthcare at no cost. The Card Program is the first of many so stay tuned for more benefits that are currently working their way through the pipeline.”

Why HonestDiscounts.com It Might Be A Killer

It is interesting to see something like this arrive at a time in which the health reform is still making passions run so high.

Some Questions About HonestDiscounts.com

How well-accepted will this be? HonestDiscounts.com