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A company that was actually started in 1985, Headmaster provides regulatory agencies with all the tools needed for administering tests, issuing certifications and handling registries online. The company has created a series of applications that make such tasks extremely simple. WebETest is the one which is used to test candidates, whereas a tool named Testmaster lets candidates register for tests online, and receive all the necessary documentation electronically. These tools can all be bought on the company’s website,


And as far as licenses and certifications go, then the site comes with a list of supported States that makes it clear who can get what, and where. Nurse aide certifications are available here: Arizona, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, New Jersey, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Tenesse, Utah and Vermont.

For its part, medication assistant certifications are available in the States of Arizona, Arkansas, Massachusetts, Montana, Ohio and Oregon.

And there’s also two more certifications that are available only in one State each. Only people in Ohio can apply for a lead abatement certification, and only those who are based in Idaho can take the tests to become facility administrators. includes a comprehensive chart that shows users the exact cost of all its tests.  And if you have to take any of the tests created by this company, then you can do it directly from the site. lets you complete tests both from individual memberships, and from group accounts (IE, the ones created by teachers and supervisors). You can even check this link to see exactly where and when your exam is meant to take place.


Author : Mery Fisher

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