search cancel – Transportation Security Administration is a site that belongs to the Transportation Security Administration. It’s basically made up of a Hazardous Materials Endorsement (HME) application that you can both fill and submit online. The way this website works, by clicking on the “Begin Application Process” button that’s provided you will be able to complete your application on your browser, and have it instantly submitted. Moreover, you’ll be able to pay for it online, and you’ll receive directions to the nearest fingerprinting station.


In order to fill this form you have to select the State where your commercial driver’s license has been issued from a dropdown menu – both the continental and the non-continental US are supported. And at the end of the process you’ll have to pay a fee by submitting your credit card number, so make sure that your browser supports SSL.

Currently, this fee amounts to $94, and by paying it you’re also entitled to phone assistance both for filling the form, and for finding the closest fingerprinting station to where you are. The number is (877) 429-7746, and you can also call it to find Law Enforcement site locations. In any case, bear in mind that refunds are not available for these applications that are submitted.


Author : Mery Fisher

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