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If you’re a military or government officer, then this site is for you. provides people who serve the country with exclusive travel deals. By signing up for an account, you’ll get instant access to travel discounts and coupons that are reserved for military and government officers and their families.


All of the trips that are listed on this site can be booked online at no cost. And if you want, you can always call one of GVR’s consultants to help you out. These are all located in the US, and they can not only assist you with booking and travel requirements but they can also tell you about these additional rights that military and government officers get at any of the featured destinations.

These include everything from free nights and onboard credits, and it’s always good to check that out beforehand. Maybe you were thinking about going somewhere because it was cheap, but if you started comparing these additional benefits then you’d see heading off somewhere else would be a sounder decision.

So, it’s good that not only lists travel deals but also lets you compare them so thoroughly.

And for each trip you book, you’re earning reward points that can then be used to save even more on your next vacation.

These are some of the company’s travel partners: Royal Caribbean, Carnival, NCL, Hilton, Outrigger, Westin, Hyatt… as you can see, GVR works with some of the top cruise lines and hotels in the world. And it provides packages for the largest of families, too. Finding something exciting to do with your wife and all your kids is going to be really easy.


Author : Caroline Bright

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