– Make Your Favorite Band Come To Town

GigWish.comHave you seen these Facebook groups that go along the lines of “Let’s gather 100.000 fans so that the Goo Goo Dolls will play Buenos Aires”? I bet you have – they are all over the place.

And while the objective that they have is entirely pure, they seldom have a tangible result. Now, if only there were a way for fans to get self-organized and rally like they are doing on Facebook, and get the bands to notice…

That is exactly what this site is all about. I guess you can tell as much by merely glancing at its name: “Gig Wish”. It is a resource for fans to get in touch with each other and express their eagerness for this or that band to play where they live. And the key aspect of this application is that they will be able to campaign not only though Facebook but actually through every single other social networking site.

For its part, the site lets musicians publish charts asking fans where do they want them to play. In this way, they show their fans that they are listening, and they can tell if playing any faraway country is financially viable or not at a mere glance. In Their Own Words

“GIGWISH enables you and your friends to influence on your local live music scene. With your free account, you can manage all your wishes and share them with your friends on various social networks.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let music fans carry out better-organized campaigns to bring their favorite performers where they live.

Some Questions About

Why wasn’t a system like this available before?