search cancel – Getaway To Paradise Program Overview is a site that answers all the most frequently-asked questions about the popular vacation program “Getaway To Paradise“. It lets you know everything from how to choose a destination and make a reservation request to what to do in order to ensure your vacation will go as smooth as possible once you have arrived at your hotel.


To begin with, you have to complete and mail an activation form, make a $50 deposit and wait for Getaway To Paradise to send you a confirmation letter. This letter is going to include the validity dates of your offer, along with a phone number that you will use to make your reservations. Once you’ve decided where it is you want to go and your reservation has been accepted, then you’ll be contacted again to double-check your hotel information. If everything’s OK, then just get your bags ready for the time and date you’ve chosen.

Keep in mind that Getaway To Paradise promotions are only available for adults. That is, at least one of the two people who are traveling must be of legal age. And those who are married should travel with their spouses. The company works with hotels that provide a service comparable to that of Holiday Inn hotels, and you can always book additional nights (by default, a Getaway to Paradise vacation is two nights). You’re advised to choose at least two dates, just in case it’s hard to get a vacancy for the one you had in mind to begin with. The site actually includes a list with these destinations that have limited availability, so that you’ll be able to plan everything ahead as carefully as you might want.


Author : Jason Taylor

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