Get2Know.Me – New Dating Site

Get2Know.MeGet2Know.Me is a dating site that tries to steer away from the formulas and algorithms that are often used elsewhere, and which aims to keep everything as human and relatable as possible. The idea is that here you’ll connect with others in a personal way, based on your real-life interests. So, in addition to offering the basic profile search that dating sites always offer, Get2Know.Me comes with a novel group feature. This lets you get connected with people who live in your same local area much faster, and with greater accuracy as only those who are an ideal match will be there.

The site is free to join, and you have to supply no personally-identifiable information to create an account. All you must do to get started is to pick your gender and the kind of relationship you’re looking for, and then supply your ZIP area code. That (and some obvious information like your name and your email) is all that’s needed for an account to be created. You’ll then get to narrow your interests as much as you want, and it goes without saying that the more specific you get then the easier it will be for you to find like-minded people.

Get2Know.Me In Their Own Words

We offer profile searches and a unique Groups section allowing you to meet and mingle with people from your town who love the things you do.

Some Questions About Get2Know.Me

Is it really better than sites that have been around for much longer such as Mingle2 and Get2Know.Me