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Customers of Geek Squad/Best Buy can fill out a short satisfaction survey on this site, and enter into a drawing for a chance to win $5,000. If you’re one and you want to get involved, then you’ll have to answer between 5 and 10 questions – it all depends on what kind of services did Geek Squad/Best Buy perform for you. In all cases, you’ll be requested to supply the code that is printed on your receipt before you can actually answer any questions. is meant to be used by just all customers of Geek Squad/Best Buy, and that’s reflected by the categories of services that you can choose on the site. These include the following: “Appliance or home theater product”, “Computer- and/or network-related service”, “Home theater or related product installation”, “Appliance delivery and/or installation”, “Product repair or setup at a Geek Squad/Best Buy location” and “Car/boat electronics installation, repair or troubleshooting”.

Once you have submitted your order number and picked the relevant category, then you’ll have to answer a handful of questions such as how would you rate the service that was performed, and so on. You’ll then be invited to enter the drawing for $5,000, and if you win you’ll get to know as much through the site.


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