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GameTreat.comGiving your visitors a chance to have some fun while they are perusing your otherwise serious content is quite a clever move. You will be giving them a chance to take a break in their pursuit of information without having to go anywhere else. And when you increase the time visitors spend on your site, you are automatically becoming enabled to run better CPM advertising campaigns.

Well, adding games to your site for visitors to play is what this service is all about. GameTreat is a platform that will let you embed full versions of premium titles into your website. And people will not only be able to play them, they will also be able to share their top scores with their friends on Facebook and Twitter. In practice, this means that new traffic will be coming to your site from a whole new angle altogether – people will come just looking to beat the high score of their friends. And before they know, they will be looking at the service that you have to offer. In Their Own Words

At GameTreat you can find free, high quality games for websites. Choose from a wide assortment of casual free games for your website starting now!

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a great way to drive new visitors to your site, and ensure they will stay there for long enough to learn more about the services that you provide.

Some Questions About

Where do these games come from? How can someone has a game he has created added to the database of available ones?