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Fresh.liArtists who are looking for a quick and affordable way to have an online portfolio are well-advised to check out. Through this site, photographers, painters, illustrators and cartoonists will be able to have an online portfolio showcasing all that they can do, and list these works that they are keen on selling. They will be allowed to charge the prices they see fit for them, too.

Besides, artists are empowered to use their own domain names and change the whole look and feel of the whole page. That was only natural when one thinks of the kind of professionals that are bound to use the site, really – what good is a portfolio for an artist if he is not able to modify the way in which things look until everything reflects who he is, and his own conception of art?

Each portfolio can have multiple pages and sections, and again, these can be arranged by the artist as he sees fit. He can have lots of them, just a couple of them, only two of them… it all depends on what he wants to convey, and how. In Their Own Words

Professional and affordable online portfolios.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes it very easy for artists of every kind to have a professional-looking portfolio created and hosted online.

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How many plans are there for users to choose from?