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FreeStockCharts.comThis website will appeal both to those who are actively engaged in the stock market and to those who want to become a part of it. Essentially, this site acts as a streaming service that can broadcast charts for over 7,000 stocks in real time.


The evolution of any of these can be observed as specifically as you want, as you can look at charts by minute, hour, day, week, month and year.

The service is provided at no cost whatsoever, and as a matter of fact you don’t even need to sign up beforehand. It all runs in the browser, too, so that you will be able to access it from anywhere an Internet connection is available. There is no need to install or configure anything in order to get going.

Ultimately, sites like this one do nothing but showcase how the Internet can bring something that previously only connoisseurs would benefit from into the hands of the public at large. That doesn’t mean that such individuals will put it to its full use, but the fact that they can get a glimpse into something that will eventually affect their lives is certainly fascinating. In Their Own Words

“Web’s Best Streaming Real-time Stock Charts – Free.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

A tool like this one has got what it takes for bringing something so fabled as the stock market closer to just anybody, and stripping it of some of its perceived mysticism.

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