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Members of the Gordon-Kennedy-Gouldberg Business Group can both learn about upcoming events and download business development ideas on this site. has been built as the ultimate online resource for all that’s connected with the Gordon-Kennedy-Gouldberg Business Group, and it is split in three main sections. These are “Diamond Independent Business Owners”, “Workshops” and “Conferences”. And then, the homepage lists lots of different media and other resources that can be had at no cost, including audio and video files, CD books and tool lists.


Plus, the homepage features a section named “Tracking Your Business” that includes business card guides, a yearly plan and a monthly IBO tracking sheet. All these resources are freely available to members of the Gordon-Kennedy-Gouldberg Business Group. Taken as a whole, they should provide you with all the necessary information to plan ahead for as long as you mean to stay in business.

And if you want to invite your fiends to join the group, then on you’ll find all the relevant information and guidelines for doing so. A wide set of contact and walk-thru guides are available for you to retrieve and use, along with several PQV transcripts.

And links to sites that could be of interest to member of the Gordon-Kennedy-Gouldberg Business Group such as Sotheby’s International and Robb Report are collected right here.


Author : Irene Davids

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