– Free Used Church Furniture is a site that helps American churches find used furniture for their worship and classroom needs. Used Church Furniture is where those who have excess furnishings can sell what they no longer have a use for. Pulpit furniture, church grants, pew brackets, worship chairs… such are the items that you can find on this site. And it goes without saying that they’re all in good condition.

Besides, the site comes with a section named “Churches Needing Help” where both churches and missions that are looking for low cost furnishings can make direct requests. Those who could provide them with such furnishings (either at a low cost or for free) can contact them immediately, and see how they could have everything delivered.

The site actually provides links to moving companies such as U-Haul and Ryder, along with a list of professional church furniture movers and installers. So, arranging the collection and deliverance of items is not going to be a problem. And the site also links to, one of the premier online destinations for getting the most basic of furnishings a church must have to exist.

And if you have some items that you wish to donate, then you can do it on this page. You have to fill out a short form and email your photos for the listing to go live. And you can also make a contribution when submitting everything. That’s entirely up to you.