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Best Benefits is a discount program for providers of medical services in the United States. It’s been created by Coverdell & Company, Inc., the Chicago-based company behind some of the most popular non-insured health care programs in our country. This specific program lets you have access to vision and dental products for much less than they would cost you otherwise. In some cases, fees are reduced by as much as 50%.


You can sign up for a Best Benefits account right on this site. To do so, you have to supply the six-digit code that comes with your Coverdell & Company marketing materials. And once your account has become activated, then you can access a list of providers in your local area. You’ll get to see everything on a map, and you’ll be able to change the area that’s shown by using a different ZIP code.

And Coverdell & Company, Inc. also offers a number of non-health related services to the ones who sign up for its programs. These include both legal and financial assistance, effectively covering the needs of its clients from every angle. Sponsors such as insurance carriers, labor organizations, financial institutions and managed care organizations are known to use Coverdell & Company’s customized programs. A toll free line is available (1-800-308-0374), and this is Coverdell & Company’s website. It includes extensive information on all the discount, loyalty and rewards programs provided by the company to its US customers. And a “Client Access” link lets you check all that’s connected with your account at once, including all the products you’ve already got in the past.


Author : Charly Zaks

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