Fflick.com – Reviewing Movies On Twitter

Fflick.comIf we were to make a survey and ask people how many of them check Twitter before picking new movies to watch, then I am sure the results would be quite surprising… or will they? I mean, who has the time to read a lengthy review when just a couple of tweets answer the question of whether a movie is dull or ace at once?

This site leverages such a fact by letting you see what friends and utter strangers are saying on Twitter about the most recent movies that have been released, and displaying a numeric score based on the predominant sentiment.

The site gathers together the 15 most popular movies that are currently showing on its main page.

In practice, this means that people who just want to go out and watch a movie but don’t know what is showing can check the site and learn at once what is worth a good look and what is best left alone. And there is also a space for forthcoming movies at the bottom of the page. This will give you a good indication of how highly-expected (or not) any forthcoming flick is.

Fflick.com In Their Own Words

“Fflick is movie reviews by you and your friends.”

Why Fflick.com It Might Be A Killer

Twitter can make or break any movie’s fortune, and that is something this site amply demonstrates.

Some Questions About Fflick.com

Is there anything like this, but only focused on cinema classics? Fflick.com