search cancel – Explanatory Videos About Anything is both a web portal where you can watch a lot of thematic explanatory videos, and a company which provides the service of making customized explanations on video. This will be really useful for other companies that need to explain their services or products on their websites.

The power that moving images have over the viewers’ memory for lasting a long time is quite hard to argue. It’s much easier to tell someone about a movie we saw recently than telling a story we read on the newspaper, for example. But apart from being easy to remember, giving information through a video has many other advantages. The most important of them is probably the time it saves for the person who gets to watch it. In a few minutes you could give all the explanations you wish that would need quite more time if done through a written text.

Explania knows this, and by visiting the website you will have the chance to find out about many issues that you may have wondered about for a long time. And if that isn’t the case, you will enjoy learning about topics which might attract your attention in that moment. A list of categories will let you choose where to start, like Health, Ecology, Money, or Software. What is inflation and what are its causes, what are stocks, or which have been the latest innovations in the new version of Windows or some other software, will be clearly shown to you.

The “Work” category for example, gives you useful tips to avoid back and neck aches from working all day sitting down on your computer. What is the best way to sit on your desk, and what kind of excersises you can do to relax are included for you to keep a healthy posture.

If you have a company and would like to hire‘s services, just use the contact information provided in the site to have a brief made and ask for a price quote. In Their Own Words

All animations of Explania ? not just the animated videos but also the interactive animations ? can be embedded into other websites.

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It seems that the site has quite a few categories for the videos that you can view on the page. Will some more be added soon?


Author : Charly Zaks

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