EveryonePost.com – Post Classifieds For Free

EveryonePost.comTrue to its name, Everyone Post is a truly open classifieds website. It’s clear that the ones who have created it looked at other similar sites, and focused on coming with one giving people a chance to: 1) Post whatever they want for as long as they need and 2) Post whatever they want without having to pay a thing.

These are the main attributes of Everyone Post. It is a free site in which people can post just what they want, for as long as they fancy. Upon first landing on the site you will be geolocated, and you will then be able to choose the category of ad that you want to have created. (Of course, you can actually set down your location yourself in case the system got confused.)

There are seven main categories to speak of: “Community”, “For Sale”, “Jobs”, “Personals”, “Pets”, “Services” and “Real Estate”. And each one is subdivided into plenty more.

Once you have found the exact category to go with your ad and having typed it all down, you are asked to specify how long it is going to run. You will be able to set down not just the date but also the time it is starting and ending. When that has been taken care of, your ad will go live for all to see.

EveryonePost.com In Their Own Words

“Unlimited ads, locations, times. Free! Easy! No email or account needed. YouTube videos are for Everyone’s entertainment.”

Why EveryonePost.com It Might Be A Killer

It is a really uncomplicated way to put something for sale, no matter where in the world you are located.

Some Questions About EveryonePost.com

What media can these ads include? How many pictures are allowed, for example? EveryonePost.com