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With more than 80 million inhabitants, Ethiopia is the second-most populated nation in Africa. It’s estimated that more than 80 different ethnic groups live in Ethiopia, and (as a direct consequence) there’s few places in the world that display such a cultural and linguistic diversity. So, a website like is actually indispensable for getting acquainted with that nation’s history and traditions in a way that’s both fast and accurate.

Simply put, is a site dealing with all things Ethiopia. It lets you read about its politics, its sports, its music, its religion, its nightlife… the site’s been built to give all the people in the rest of the world an excellent understanding of what makes the nation special. And it succeeds by including always up-to-date information, reflecting the rapidly-changing reality of most African countries.

And for that reason, EthioView is a site that people from Ethiopia could also find useful. They’ll be able to read the latest news, all coming from certified sources. And the site is also one they’d like for the simple reason it comes with a “Dating” section where they’ll have a chance to meet singles in their area. And not speaking English is not a problem. That won’t keep anybody from using the site – is available both in English and in Amharic (Ethiopia’s official language).

The site is rounded by a “What Time Is In Ethiopia” link, a currency exchange, a calendar and an Amharic/English dictionary.