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EpicLaunch.comEpic Launch is a blog that is aimed at budding entrepreneurs. It was formerly Beng-Lang.

com – the blog has just changed its name to reflect the fact that now it has grown from being a personal project to an online resource to which a wide number of people contribute monthly. Besides, the actual categories have been overhauled. Now, the way everything is arranged emphasizes the new focus of the blog (IE, young entrepreneurship). The main navigation menu is broken down into the following categories: “Entrepreneurship”, “Online Business” and “Social Media”. And a category that is devoted solely to site news and contests is likewise included.

The posts that are featured have titles such as “5 Steps to Establishing a Social Media Presence for Small Business”, “Are You Ready to Be an Entrepreneur?” and “4 Dont’s of Starting an Online Business”. They are all packed with information and written in clear, understandable English.

All in all, this blog fulfills its aim in the sense that any young person who reads its posts will realize exactly what goes into being an entrepreneur, the difficulties that are to be faced and the benefits that are to be reaped at the end of the day.

EpicLaunch.com In Their Own Words

“Young entrepreneur blog.”

Why EpicLaunch.com It Might Be A Killer

It offers a clear and honest guide into the world of entrepreneurship. All the young people who are thinking about launching their own ventures will find all the necessary information for having a better chance of succeeding here.

Some Questions About EpicLaunch.com

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