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Emailium.comThe creation of a successful email campaign is a challenge that not everybody is up to. I am unsure to which degree such a shortcoming can really be addressed, but if I were to pick a site that could help struggling web marketers then I would surely go for this one.

Emailium is a database of email marketing campaigns that just anybody can browse. The objective of the site is to let those who are yet to devise a fruitful campaign see how people who are more skilled approach the task at hand. They will get to learn what must be conveyed and how, and then try to replicate such a MO.

As I said above, I am not really sure how much can someone learn from something like this. But I give Emailium a full thumbs-up, if only because it aims to serve a very valuable purpose, and there are just no other sites that collect the information that it collects in such a logical and ordered way. In Their Own Words

A big, filterable database of email marketing campaigns.

Why It Might Be A Killer

There is no comparable database anywhere else.

Some Questions About

How many campaigns are already included in the Emailium database?