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Drungli.comIf you’re the kind who plans your vacations three months in advance, then this site is clearly not for you. Drungli gives you random suggestions for quick getaways. The site works by taking into account where it is you’re currently located, and taking that into account (and the exact date you want to set off) it will provide you with a list made up of nothing but the cheapest flights.


And you can also ask Drungli to send you direct email notifications whenever any of the routes it produces has become cheaper. Drungli is constantly checking airlines and comparing the prices of tickets. You’ll get to know when the best time for flying anywhere has come, and you’ll be able to buy tickets before the prices end going up again.

So far, only a selected number of European cities are supported. But more and more are being added to the list, and hopefully we’ll soon see support for American cities. Plus, higher personalization features are already announced on the site. When it’s finally revamped, Drungly will clearly be one service to watch out for. In Their Own Words

Adventure generator for spontaneous people.

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Which fashionable European destinations always tend to be cheaper than the rest?


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